by Jason Edmiston (commissioned by Fright Rags for Monster Squad & Night of the Creeps special event in 2010)

This epic poster above (by Jason Edmiston) sums it all up, but let me give you a little history of how this whole thing got started...

When I was in my last year of college I began remembering and getting inspired by my childhood heroes. Memories of the Goonies and other "Kids dealing with weird sh*t" movies kept coming to mind.

One of those fond memories was of a scene where Frankenstein is getting sucked into a whirpool (while holding a teddy bear) and saying goodbye to a little girl. The scene was burned into my brain and I could not remember the name of the movie...

Then a year after graduating from college I began working at a design company where I met Justin Gray, who would solve this missing link for me. One day on a lunch-trip to the mall, I noticed that Justin picked up the 20th anniversary of this movie called The Monster Squad....this was it!!! This was THE movie that had been poking at my brain for all those years!

Of course as soon as I made the connection I got myself a copy as well, and Night of the Creeps came right after. Overall these movies are gems and truly signify the magic that 80s movies had on kids like me growing up.

Movies today are certainly not made the same way, except for the recent Super 8 & Attack the Block.

Limited Edition "Bogus" Shirt by Fright Rags (Also combines Monster Squad & Night of the Creeps)

Two years later and now we're working on Monster Creeps, a tribute to the unforgettable films written & directed by Fred Dekker
Monster Creeps Poster by Justin Gray (

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